Electric Actuators

Actuators are used for the automation of industrial valves and can be found in all kinds of plants, such as waste water treatment plants, power plants, oil and gas refineries. They play a major role in automating process control. The valves to be automated can differ greatly in style and configuration.

Alltork offers electric actuators that are available in either linear, multi-turn or quarter turn rotation with communication and integral modules for greater process control and diagnostics. We work with our clients to understand their needs and design the right model to meet their specific requirements.

The spring return electric actuators are designed for systems using quarter turn valves and dampers requiring protection against catastrophic system failure upon loss of electricity resulting in costly loss of process media and production.

Some of the Special Features that come with our electric actuators include:

  • Heavy duty mechanical design with override
  • User friendly menu controls
  • Intuitive interface, with non-intrusive settings
  • Easy on-site management
  • Diagnostics

Alltork can support a tremendous variety of market applications.
Some of the Industries served by Alltork include:

  • Municipal Corporations
  • Waste Water Industry
  • Oil &Gas Industry
  • Energy & Pipeline Industry

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