Manual Actuator

A manual actuator is a gearing system used to control the opening and closing of valves, gates, dampers etc. by human action rather than via electric or pneumatic actuation. Manual actuators are available in either quarter turn or multi-turn rotation.

The main benefits of using a manual actuator is that they are inexpensive, reliable and do not require a power source. It is also usually easy to spot any problems because the devices tend to be self-contained and use the same motion to open and close.

A division of VL Motion Systems, Alltork was established to focus on the niche market of Valve Actuation for industrial use. As such, Alltork is serious about successfully servicing municipalities, oil and gas industries and improving the efficiency of wastewater treatment plants in Canada. Trust is an important part of our ethos and we aim to work closely with clients to understand their needs and create tailored solutions. Our product range includes a vast array of electric, manual and pneumatic actuators.

Our Mastergear series utilizes cast iron construction, with a rugged design. These manual valve actuators are tailored for arduous industrial environmental conditions such as buried duty, submersed, corrosion resistant with stainless steel housings and shafts, etc. Models are available from small torques to over 2.4 million inch-pounds.

Our Mastergear Bevel Gear Operators which are completely weatherproof to IP67 are used for multi-turn applications, gate valves, globe valves, and sluice gates. Designs are for either rising or non-rising stems. Gearboxes are provided in either manual or motorizable versions. The housing can be sealed by the valve stem protection tube or plug.

Mastergear products can be outfitted with a number of accessories such as padlock flanges, chainwheels, external switches and memory stops.

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