Mission & Vision


At Alltork, expertise, integrity and excellence in our customer service are key elements of our mission. We develop relationships of trust with our clients and count on each member of our team to deliver what we promised.


With Alltork Actuation, we have targeted the niche market of Valve Actuation for industrial use. Our focus at this point is to successfully service municipalities, oil and gas industries and improve the efficiency of wastewater treatment plants in Canada.

Guiding Principles

At Alltork Actuation, our work environment is strongly linked to our mission. By supporting our clients and employees and following the principles of honesty, integrity and excellence, we hope to achieve an exceptional place of work with exceptional results. The qualities that build the foundation to our work culture include:

  1. Code of Ethics and Business Conduct – This code is intended to reflect our business operation module and to identify possible conflicts of interests that may arise in day to day working. All employees are responsible for their actions and are expected to full comply with existing law, rules and regulations, thereby, helping to create and maintain a highly ethical, yet amicable work environment.
  2. Open Door Policy – We encourage direct communication between employees and all levels of management so the former are free to share their concerns, ask questions and resolve problems or issues with those concerned. Team work is an important part of Alltork Actuation and we urge employees to provide their input and participate in decision making processes.
  3. Customer Value – Our philosophy is helping our clients achieve their goals and we accomplish this by providing a ‘customer is first’ approach and creating ongoing strategic partnerships.
  4. Results oriented – We focus on the end game and our solution oriented approach leads us into first understanding the clients specific needs and valve actuation applications for dependable results.