Pneumatic Actuators for Linear or Rotary Motion

A pneumatic valve actuator is a device that creates either linear or rotary motion from a pneumatic source under the direction of a control system. These components have several important uses in a variety of industrial applications, such as factories, oil, gas, and petrochemical refineries, mining, construction and wastewater treatment plants.

Pneumatic Actuators are suitable for applications that require rotary or linear motion for the positioning or opening and closing of air dampers, fan inlet vanes, louvers, diverters and ball or butterfly valves.

If you are looking to create an impact of a particular kind of motion which is cost effective, more reliable, cleaner, and safer than electric valve actuators a Pneumatic Actuators may be the answer.

Some of the benefits of Pneumatic Actuation include:

Cost effective

The initial cost of a pneumatic system is very low because these systems are inexpensive to make and have a simple design composed of less expensive materials like plastic, zinc or aluminum. Compressed air is the most important element in the pneumatic system.


Pneumatic systems are very safe. Since the majority of these systems use air, a leak will not cause contamination in the way that hydraulic systems leaking oil would, for example. These systems also pose no risk of fire or explosion.


The transfer of power and the speed is very easy to set up with Pneumatic Actuators by means of control valves.

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