Aluminum Adjustable Chainwheels

The light weight of aluminum Chainwheels is desired to minimize the weight on valve stems or input shafts. This series of chainwheels is similar to our Ductile Iron Sprocket-type Chainwheels, in terms of chain type and handwheel ranges.



Universal design allows the chainwheel to be clamped to the handwheel, or pinned directly to valve stem.Chainwheels are furnished with stainless steel attachment hardware for clamping to the handwheel. When the chainwheel is to be pinned to the valve stem, two different direct mount adapters are available.  Aluminum Chainwheels are provided with a protective coating.

To prevent serious injury, we recommend the use of our Secondary Safety Restraint System. All chainwheels are furnished with a threaded boss for the addition of our safety restraint system.


Aluminum Chainwheels
Safety Restraint Kit

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