Electro-Hydraulic Actuator with Spring Return, Positioner

The Fail-Safe Electro/hydraulic Power Pack is designed to operate together with Single Acting (SR) Pneumatic Actuators. The valve goes to fail-safe posision by power failure.

The unit can be mounted directly on the Actuator or remotely in harsh environments.

The Power Pack can be used together with TruTorq Actuators C-Type and E-Type up to size 55.

The Power Pack operates with external electric power and internally with hydraulic oil. The hydraulic oil system is closed, the oil will be pumped between the pistons (were the actuator normally works with air). In the system there is also a small tank/container to take care of the oil that is redundant.

It works like an Electrical Actuator with Spring Return.


Power Pack Positioner, Technical information - TruTorq
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