Pneumatic Actuators – Scotch Yoke – Single Acting

Pneumatic single acting actuators from ELFOR CONTROLS are equipped with scotch yoke mechanisms able to guarantee high torques, high reliability and efficiency. They are engineered and designed to ensure a long life in the toughest environmental conditions and the most demanding applications, provide a high ability to resist corrosion. These types of actuators are used in the automation of quarter turn valves, ball valves, plug and butterfly valves, mainly in the Oil & Gas, Chimical and petrochemical, LNG, water and power.

    • Totally enclosed waterproof body in nodular cast iron ENGJS-400-15 IP 67 or carbon steel
    • Pneumatic cylinder polished with electroless nickel plated internal in compliance with specifications ASTM-B733 and UNI ISO 4527
    • Carbon steel piston with dynamic floating O-Ring seal (PARKER N 674-70) to reduce friction and to extend service life
    • ISO 5211Mounting flange
    • Position indicator complete with VDI/VDE 3845 NAMUR for mounting accessories
    • Power supply instrument air, nitrogen, sweet gas or sour gas (materials pressure group requirements acc. to NACE MR 0173/93)
    • Two independent external travel stops for precise angular stroke adjustment `7° in both directions.
    • Yoke pin complete with hard grounds sliding bush in the body
    • Painting sandblasting to grade SA2.1/2. First coat: epoxy zinc 50 microns Final coat: high build epoxy poliamide 100 microns RAL 9006
    • Totally enclosed spring cartridge with additional safety feature in order to avoid injury during disassembly of the spring enclosure.
    • Standard operating temperature range: -29 °C / +80 °C


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