Quarter-Turn Motorised Valve Actuators

For mounting on quarter turn valves and dampers. Adapted to on-off and non intensive positioning operation.



BERNARD CONTROLS has archieved an excellent reputation over the years in this market thanks to a range of actuators providing the following features:

  • Compact construction with a high output torque
  • Self-locking gear train to maintain the position of the valve when the actuator is de-energized
  • Very good resistance to vibrations
  • Very simple settings - no specific tool required
  • Adjustable mechanical travel limit stops to prevent overtravel
  • Removable drive socket for easy machining
  • Emergency handwheel and mechanical position indicator provided on all actuators as a standard

BERNARD CONTROLS actuators have been operated in different fields such as power plants, industry, building automation, ship building and water treatment.  Our range of weatherproof quarter-turn actuators is composed of the following models:

OA3 to OA15 for valve torques less than 150Nm
AS18 to BS100 for valve torques between 150 ~ 800 Nm
AS100 to AS1000 for valve torques greater than 800Nm


Quarter Turn Brochure - Bernard

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